Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What shall we make of it?

The sounds of the oncoming typhoon are raging outside.
It is incredibly frightening.
I said goodbye early to my students today, and hummed a prayer to the earth.
Let them walk home, let them all walk home.
Earlier this year I felt an earthquake that cracked the ground on which I walked.

I find myself in a space-time in which mother nature is PISSED OFF.
She is tired of being hacked away at by her own impudent, ungrateful children.
She is tired of watching them quarrel over illusions and snatch up her plenty with persistent greed.
I have never believed in a doomsday, but it seems that somehow she is slowly, gracefully lifting up her broken limbs to collect a cyclical due.
She is a loving mother, but will not think twice about thrusting us into the grave we have dug.

Surely nobody would choose to blast her mountainy breasts with dynamite
nobody would choose to pour toxins into her bloodstream
nobody would choose to scorch holes into her paper blue skin
if there wasn't a buck in it.
This is capitalism! Who's to stop progress?
Besides, how can we be blamed for some albeit unfortunate, natural disasters?

These things are not our fault! It's a cycle. It's science.
Why don't you turn to your precious science now, you butt-fucking liberal?
Because my mother is as much science as she is mystic.
Her bereavement is shown in climate change; which melts the ice caps, and scorches the earth with fire.
Her bereavement for the stress of enormous dams and extensive mining is shown through shifting plates. earthquakes.

What we have forgotten, for hundreds of years, children, is that we are tied to our mother.
And our mother is the only thing that ties us to the great stellar orgy.
If you treat your mother like a whore, there will be nowhere for you to run, even in death.
She is a living organism that can sense and love you and has thusly exercised incredible patience.
Perhaps this is the course of human destiny, for right and for wrong.
what say you?
Shall we further test her?
Or can we maybe do things just a tiny bit differently?

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