Sunday, August 19, 2012

From the pink armchair


Today I got up at 4:30 to be in to work by 7.
People going on cruises were mean to me as they checked out of the hotel.
I forgot my lunch.

Around 3 it's time to catch the bus home. I watched the one that I wanted leave, but that's ok, I says, I'll take another. Guy sits next to me with some food he just bought. I don't get a good look at his face so I don't know who to yell for when I see that he has left a big jug of Arizona tea behind. I get up and try to motion for someone holding food to tell them they forgot their tea. As I sit back down, defeated, the woman sitting to my other side tells me that I have set the women's liberation front back 15 years but that my generation doesn't understand any of that. I tell her that I would have tried to return the tea to whomever left it because it's a nice thing to do, not because the forgetter of the tea was a man. She called me a maid and a servant to my male oppressors. I am still too much in polite service mode to tell her that she is a mean old bitch full of hate and that her perfume smells like fart-soaked mothballs. And that her hair is stupid.

By 5 I give up on my bus and take another, eyes welling up with tears and piss. I need a toilet. Bad. Finally I'm at the park I walk through to get home and make a break for the public restroom. A shining beacon. Thank god it's open today. As I'm washing my hands, I drop my prettiest sweater in poop and piss. I carry it home like that and my hands are getting soiled in slimy turd splatter and I'm trying to wipe away tears.

I am home now, eagerly awaiting a horrendous case of pink eye. On the upside, though, it is a very happy home I have returned to. I feel very content here and am adjusting well to the city. I have a steady-paying job that will eventually include health insurance and feel very creatively motivated. Recently, I started teaching myself guitar and have been diddling around in different art projects.

Ok, so for those who like updates, here're a few things coming out of the works.

Earrings I'd like to eventually sell...?

Lady with light / Lady without light

Some kinda fruit space...yyyep.

And lastly, my first guitar recording! I just started playing this I am on a baby guitar. :P