Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Dream I Had

I'm not sure what persuaded me to post this, but hopefully someone will enjoy the weird crap that my neurons fire off while I sleep.

 _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -  _*`~ -

My friend Sheila and I were driving my car through the jungle when I remembered,

“I've got to make it back to school, dude. I haven't even planned my lessons yet."
                    It was nearing 6 am and work was to start at 8. On top of being a little lost, the car was having trouble making it through the sludgier parts of the path. At times it even dipped into the flood waters that had risen from the nearby river. “I think we might have to dump the extra weight. We're too heavy.”

“What, you mean the wheels?”

“Shit dawg, I mean us. Ghost ride the whip!” 
                    For one reason or another, she decided not to shoot down what was actually a rather preposterous idea for getting a car unstuck. 
                                                                          ...So we cranked the E-40 and ghost rode da whip.

***(Note to those who aren't ghetto as shit:
Ghost ride the whip = putting your car in neutral on a hill so you can dance next to it. 
E-40 = The rapper who thought this was a good idea.)***

The car rolled forward, only to encounter even higher river water and become further submerged. Luckily, Black Thunder is a very clever automobile. She turned herself into a glass hippo, and became much more agile through the rising water. I carried her as she kicked her hippo legs. For my help, she allowed Sheila and I to ride on her back all the way out of the jungle. 

After our harrowing exodus, we quickly came upon a small village where I decided to rest as Sheila traveled on. All of the villagers were in awe of my hippo because it is said that glass ones are very loyal and bring good luck. It seems they were right.

Just when I was looking for a place to rest, I learned that my Uncle Jim's house was nearby. I didn't think anything of the fact that I haven't seen this man since I was a very young child - apparently in dreamland the two of us are palsy-walsy. So he invited me into his home which was unlike the other huts. It was a very large, open-air, adobe bunker-lodge. I don't know how to explain it any better, but it seemed like a popular place as there was a party, or at least a gathering going on when I got there. My brother, Eric, his girlfriend, Elle and my father were in attendance along with some native Americans, Aztec warriors and a bunch of rednecks shooting guns off the porch. There was strong communal energy being given off by peace-loving bead people and gun-lovin' good ol' boys. It was strangely harmonious.

“Do you want to watch a movie? The chiefs are all watching it in back.”


My uncle was leading me to the sitting area before I could add, “...I guess...?”

There were a few rednecks watching the movie, but the audience was mostly slouching Aztecs. They looked like they could have been watching 'the game'. Someone handed me a beer and I took a seat on the couch next to my father. The movie didn't have any words and looked a little like a mushroom trip. Colors were dripping gradually into Rorschach shapes. The Rorschachs morphed into figures of chiefs like those we were sitting amongst. The major difference was that the ones in the movie had tons of tits and balls. They were doing some really hyper, jiggly dance.
“Hey dad, brb.”

“Don't leeeave me~” he says under his breath. I knew he hated the movie, but I didn't really care. I assured him,
                                      “It's cool, I'll be back. Just gonna go get Eric because he'll be into this shit.”

The End.

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  1. thank you for posting this. i do enjoy reading what your neurons randomly fire off in the night