Monday, June 3, 2013

Update 2

Genealogy project

A really sweet guy from Sweden was visiting America and happened to be contacted by his long-lost relatives whose ancestors had emigrated to the states. He came down to the hotel lobby and asked me if there was a computer he could use to e-mail said relative. He was nice and we weren't busy so I let him use one behind the reception desk. Our conversation turned into one of genealogies, and I admitted to him that I really didn't know much about my family, although I knew that my father's side had come from Sweden.

Later in my shift, he came down bleary-eyed and a little drunk and said that he had met his relations. 'That... was a very good visit', he said. 'I am going to find your family. Give me one of your ancestor's full name and birthdate. That's all I need'. I e-mailed him the information a few days later. His response contained several tomes of information of my own family history dating back to the early 1600s. I decided to put what he had gathered into a visual format for my father for Christmas. Below are some pictures of the trees I constructed with his information (although, he continues to update me!).

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