Monday, June 3, 2013

Update 1

I've fallen off the horse, you say?
I don't have a horse! I want one, though. I would probably name it Crackers or Daisy and feed it caramels till it got fat and then I'd buy it stretch pants.

Here are a couple of posts to keep up with my goings on in Seattle. Please enjoy them, and stay productive, healthy and happy in your own life.   :)

Scene: At the front desk. Toothless, homeless crackhead struts in and proudly presents me with another hotel's room key card.

THC:       Hellooooo, miss! What kind of room can I get on this credit card?
                (His eyes are glittering. Without really checking the card, I decide to indulge him and start checking our room rates.)
Sarah:      Hello sir. Looks like the queen room is going for $75 tonight.
THC:       Hooooo~! And how much can I get on this credit card? 
Sarah:      (Picking up card, studying it more carefully) Well, uh, sir we actually only take major credit cards like American Express, Mastercard, or Visa. Really, anything with numbers on it would be fine.
THC:       So what can I get on this one?
Sarah:      (Realizing that he still doesn't understand) Sir, I think this is actually a key.
THC:       A key! A key to these rooms here?
Sarah:      No, we have actual keys here, we don't use key cards.
THC:       But they use these at other hotels?
Sarah:      At some of them, yes.
THC:       You supposed to give these back when you leave?
Sarah:      That is usually the policy, yes.
THC:       So what you're saying is, there's somethin' on it!
Sarah:      (half actually laughing) Yes, sir.
THC:       Then it's goin' back in! (zealously stuffs key card back into scuzzy old wallet and begins positively strutting toward the exit) GOOD DAY TO YOU, MISS!  

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