Monday, October 13, 2014

Melodies, Mellow Days + Artwork

Hi guys, in case you were wondering, 
Things are carrying on. 

I am trying to feel good about the decisions that I make and how I am live my life, by and by. Some days are hard. I constantly question what I am doing and battle the lulls my soul endures while I scratch out yet another new copy of my soul's Constitution, practically daily. It is strange to feel my own ethics, judgement and sense of self-worth shapeshift around me and feel more like an observer than a participant. Does my lack of participation make me an asshole or a victim of circumstance? Am I failing in my obligations as a decent human being? It's maddening.

I pray to the waters that carry me farther and farther downstream that I remember myself by the time I get... well... "there", I guess. And I pray that when I get there, there will still be time for me to do something lasting. Just so long as I don't dwell long enough to breathe deeply the opiates of mediocrity, I think I can keep my vigors about me.

I hope you are carrying on, too.

Here is some art that has been going on...

Wall/ Window Hanger

King of the Road (maybe finished, maybe not)

(embedded text sampling: fuck your glass ceiling constructions - fuck corporate oligarchy - fuck the police state - fuck private interests masquerading as public opinion - fuck racism - fuck your oppressive worldview keeping me from mine - fuck toxic food - fuck your false patriotism - fuck your fear of liberation - fuck your wanton disregard for personal responsibility - fuck your unwillingness to engage in the greater good - fuck sexism - fuck deceit and emotional negligence - fuck progress without vision - fuck vision without progress........)

 Animal bone & carved wood marionette

And last, but not least.........
My dad's new CD...............
(Featuring cover art + 1 song by Sarah Anderson....)

Original sax compilations and music by John Anderson

All proceeds will be going to.....

 HFAP - A charity that a former classmate of mine started that works to empower Haitian people through education, skill training, and job opportunities.


$10 - 15, pending shipping

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