Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Leaves scatter and dance in the great belly of the wind. Nature is waddling along like a fat, naked princess whose gusty, gastric riptides churn we, the tumbling leaves over one another as she pushes down through her toes with rumbling force and launches herself into the sky. The year is 2012 and she is zooming through the atmosphere on her way to meet Mercury. She will meet him with furied eyes and brandished sword. Her rage is that of Venus, whose tame and beautiful creatures have grown restless in their cages. Nature must control the rage of the feminine as it re-claims the respect lost by the hands of a cruel and blinded Mercury. She will strike off only his appendages, which will re-grow in a matter of centuries. Now is the time of Venus; a time of great love and prosperity for all, but the world will again require Mercury's strength and courage, when he can again see clearly and learn to share the sky with mother Venus.

This week I went to a photo shoot with about 25 other women. We were photographed naked and wore day of the dead make up. It was just enough of a mask for us to hide behind, but I don't think I have never felt such pride in my own body or femininity. Growing up, I learned to become a 'tomboy' when I felt weak as a girl. Being more like a boy helped me feel more empowered. Now I am a woman, and I see that it's ok to be rough around the edges, but I can also be proud of what is feminine about me. As we were being photographed, the energy of the other women was feeding into me and I realized that we were all helping one another feel strong, beautiful and cared for. It was incredible therapy I didn't realize I needed. I will post again with a link to Almendra Sandoval's photographs when they are ready for publication and with her permission.

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