Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Movin' Pictcha Show!

I've been packing all day and am starting to feel like one of those baby chicks all covered in veins and goo, trying to peck its way out of the shell. I am bored and tired and lonely and hyper. Deplorable! Earlier today I dropped a suitcase on my big toe and it is was a bloody mess. I couldn't find a Band Aid anywhere so I improvised with some cotton and tape. This mess is a place! My brother said that, I think. Anyway, I'm taking a break now and thought I would post something. The following are some of the more interesting (and internet-appropriate) videos from my computer since I've been in Japan.

 Feeding the coy

Ainu ladies dancing (Hokkaido)

Ainu woman playing the Mukkuri (Hokkaido)

School festival - jump rope competition

Lisu village (Thailand)

New Year 2012 (Okinawa)
**This video was taken my Seishu Imai (Osaru no Oyado)

Milking goats at Green Farms (Nagano-ken)

Taiko (Pei Pei's group! - Nagano)

monitor (Australia)

Kangaroos (Australia)

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