Monday, October 3, 2011

Water Moccasin

For those who were wondering about the canoe...

we covered it with fabric strips and a few layers of epoxy,

which looks like something like this. And by something I mean exactly. This is epoxy. :) We also added gunnels and cross bars to the inside for support.

We took the completed 'Water Moccasin' out to Minamiminowa Dam for her maiden voyage. The water was arctic. Thanks to everyone who came to join us!

Our second trip was to Miwa Dam. No swimming this time, but Satoshi and I won a canoe race in the 'Sweet Banana'. Featured above are the lovely B-chan and Chess-chan, Karen, Takashi and Satoshi.

The only thing left to do is cover the little lady in some artwork and a layer of polymer.

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