Sunday, June 19, 2011

I shall meet my mother, the sea

Recently my friend, Takashi and I have been working on a canoe.
We've still got to layer it with epoxy and fiberglass, but the basic structure is finished. More to follow.



  1. this is beautiful.

    p.s. you were in my dream the other night, and when i saw you i was upset at first because... well u told me you were in japan... but obviously you weren't not, but then i got it over it because i got to see you.

    this is michele by the way. does it automatically tell u that?

  2. Thanks, darlin.

    It does not automatically say... I thought you were Sam! haha.

    I'm sorry that I have been such a downer in your dreams. I'll try harder not to upset you next time I sneak into your head like that.