Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Springtime cupcakes

Today's rain is a decidedly a good rain.
The kind that allows for lovely thoughts.
Like                    old fashioned raincoats
                           and pendulum clocks 
                           and boats 
                           and old books.
Just now, I was thinking of grandmas
who fasten plastic canopies over rows of curlers.
They have all just been to 
             some corner shop      to buy lollipops for 
             some grandchild,             despite the rain.
 When I was young, my father took me to 
                                                                   a corner shop.

Outside the window, there is a cluster of cherry blossoms.
They sit in the foreground of                                                                     distant mountains,
clouds curl over the entire scene.
The pink flowers look like     great 
transforming the trees into fat little cupcakes, all in a row.

Which reminds me of
               the nicest thing I have thought of today.
A cupcake's fart.
                    and warm 
                    and airy,
                    and sometimes escorted by a sprinkle.
I can't think of anyone who doesn't like cupcakes...
but then, I do not know everyone.

I think Stalin probably liked cupcakes
I'm not sure about Kim Jong, though.
He is not so lighthearted as Stalin.
            Maybe I will send him an invitation to my springtime cupcake affair,
and his RSVP 
will let us know for certain.

On a day like today,
a rainy, spring day 
                 perfumed by 
                                   cherry blossoms,
we three can sit around
drinking petit coffees from tiny cups,
munching cupcakes from pretty tins
and they will fill our mouths with pink farts.

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