Thursday, February 17, 2011

A day in the Doldrums

Considering men of consequence  
      on occasion
also sat around scratching metaphorical balls,
I'm instilled with confidence that 
                                                I, too 
may soon be up to something great.

Unfortunately my current gumption is something like
overstretched taffy.
I'll sit here with goggle eyes fixed to a                     on
                                                                            fly        the 
bored out of my stagnating gourd,
droopy lizard eyes hanging
I seem to have hired an overcooked carrot to impersonate my body.


When myself is ready to leave February
I hope it to have the vigor to take on my 
        spring cleaning.
Pits of sewage have long needed to be raked from
                                            my conceptual gutters.

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