Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Modern Times

I've been thinking about the future a lot.
Mostly because recently I've been living in it
and there doesn't seem a place for me
or anyone that I love.

We're a flying car generation with Coca-cola dreams.
Our parents called themselves middle class, so we do too.
They were promised the world with a little hard work and a little decency.
We were promised the world with little hard work and little decency.
We never toiled as hard they did, sure.
But we feel entitled because we jumped across the same bars.

We were promised the world
and now we can't have it.
Waa waa,
Sorry, Charlie, S.O.L.
Figure out what to do with yourself.

Sacrifice your integrity for something that you're told will amount to a hill of beans but you know won't. Send that stack out. Pump it full of fancy words. Pump yourself up like a body-builder at a steroid buffet while you question why companies request your utmost disingenuousness. Then probably get let down and repeat the process until you go nutzy kookoo.

                                                       ..........Education! More of it.
Get over-educated and under-employed just like everyone else. At least it'll pass the time and be interesting.

                                                       ..........Suck it up!
Accept any job you can get your dirty little paws on and hold onto it like a fat kid with a twinkie. Eventually there won't be any jobs and you ought to be grateful for your gleaming little turd nugget.

These are our options.
What happened?

Agricultural revolution,
Industrial revolution,
Technological revolution. ← (you are here!)

Yep, here we are. Revolution time. We can feel the wind shifting and most of us are finding ourselves swept up as collateral. 
                                                         Confused, disoriented.
Society has never suited us, but at least there were illusions of structure before.

Everyone's paralyzed and we've all got bedbugs.
The future doesn't feel futuristic.
It kinda feels like unemployment and depression.
Humanity is on the brink of something maybe great, but for now we're just disenfranchised.

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