Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day off, off day

What a weird blah day.
Usually the rain relaxes me, and I appreciate the drear that comes with it. But today it has felt like I've had a small leak somewhere that I can't find to patch up. Something is making me feel something.

Is it the weather? Am I homesick? Boredom?
…have I been too leveled lately and nature is setting me back askew?
The unbearable lightness of being.

... I should read that.

Anyway I hate trying to figure it out because it only makes me overanalyze every little pebble in my shoe, just so that I can attribute my feelings to something. Nothing's wrong, I guess, this just happens. Sometimes life can bore the piss out of you. Well fine, dammit, but maybe I wish the easiest fix wasn't some petty form of the meditation. A spliff, wine, porn, whatever. Any one will do, yet all truthfully bore me in my hour of need.

Damn you stars!

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