Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Movin' Pictcha Show!

I've been packing all day and am starting to feel like one of those baby chicks all covered in veins and goo, trying to peck its way out of the shell. I am bored and tired and lonely and hyper. Deplorable! Earlier today I dropped a suitcase on my big toe and it is was a bloody mess. I couldn't find a Band Aid anywhere so I improvised with some cotton and tape. This mess is a place! My brother said that, I think. Anyway, I'm taking a break now and thought I would post something. The following are some of the more interesting (and internet-appropriate) videos from my computer since I've been in Japan.

 Feeding the coy

Ainu ladies dancing (Hokkaido)

Ainu woman playing the Mukkuri (Hokkaido)

School festival - jump rope competition

Lisu village (Thailand)

New Year 2012 (Okinawa)
**This video was taken my Seishu Imai (Osaru no Oyado)

Milking goats at Green Farms (Nagano-ken)

Taiko (Pei Pei's group! - Nagano)

monitor (Australia)

Kangaroos (Australia)

Sunday, March 11, 2012


This weekend a few friends hosted a going away party for a group of the ALTs (myself included) who will be leaving in the spring. I am amazed that I haven't been hunched over a toilet all day, although it is very possible that I smell like it. It's one of those days that the shower is just too far away and there has been absolutely no reason to ditch the PJs. But who knows, it's only 4:30, I may get around to pants yet. Anyway, I kinda feel like I have been writing too much serious crap these days, but I really felt the need to give a shout out to the folks in Japan whom it is breaking my heart to leave. Honestly, you guys, I cried like a baby in a dishwasher this morning. Love you all.

My dear friends,
What can I tell you with words? I will try my best to explain my heart, although I promise that I cannot. 

 When I see the eagles diving low into the snowy mountains, my heart pleads for me to cut out the scene from earth’s page. I want to fold it up into a small square and carry it with me. Of course, with or without my little square I’m sure it will be impossible for me to forget the captivating beauty of this place. My memory can hold onto a still frame enough for me to return here from time to time in my daydreams. What I am afraid I might forget, without my cutout, is the smell of damp winter air over still rice fields. The rustle of wind as it passes through the pampas grass. The snaps and crackles of billowing smoke from a farmer’s field curling to the sky. I watch the eagle as it glides over these things and I envy him. Why must I be compelled to leave behind all of this quiet luxury when he is not? The wabi-sabi of this place is as fragile as it is precious. I’m afraid that wabi-sabi cannot be folded and put into a pocket. No, I will not be able to take it with me.  I can only remember the glow that those precious smells and sights and sounds left in my heart.

It is the same with you, my dear friends. Yes, I will remember what I can of the places we went and the things we talked about and above all, how you have helped me grow. Those things are all wonderful and important, but it is not what I wish to reiterate right now. There will be time for nostalgia a little bit later. What I want to thank you for, before I go, are the things you are in danger of being left unaware of. I want to thank you all for your quiet luxury, your ‘wabi-sabi’. The lines that crease your face when you smile. The curiosity behind your eyes. The rising and falling pitch of your voice…. your laughter. Some of you I know well, some I do not. Some of you I know in between. All of you, though, have shared these gifts during our time together.  I’m so glad we met.

これは日本語のバーションですけど、スーパまずいかもしれません。よくがんばったんだけど、日本語やばいいいいい〜〜〜!!!!! 直すのおすすめがあったら、せひコーメンットを書いて下さいね!


雪が覆われた山の中で、ワシが 低い所までにダイビングをしている時に、私の心は地球のページからそのシーンをカットすて希って。 小さな正方形にそれを畳んで運ぶしたいと思います。もちろん、私の小さな正方形がなかったら、この場所の魅惑的な美しさを忘れてすることは不可能であると確信しています。私の記憶は空想に戻ってするためにはフレームを保持することができます 。怖いものは カットアトが持ってなかったら、まだ田んぼの上の 冬の湿った空気の匂いが忘れてしまうかもしれません 。もう、ススキを通過する風の擦れる音が忘れたら。。。 農家のフィールドから、空に煙が渦巻くのクラックルが忘れたら。。。それらものの上に滑ながら、私がワシを見てらやましくなてします。なぜ私は彼がいないときは、この静かな贅沢のすべてを残すことを強要しなければなりませんか?この場所の侘び寂びは、貴重であるとして壊れやすいものです。私は侘び寂びを、折りたたんでポケットに入れてすることはできません 。そして、取ることはできません。私はそれらの貴重な匂いや景色や音の輝きが心に残っていることです。

それはあなたのような同じです、私の親愛なる友達。もちろん、我々が行った場所や 話したことや、上記のすべてことから、どのよ
に私が成長するために助けてくれました。それらものはすべて素晴らしいと重要何ですが、今改めてしたいものではありません。少し後で郷愁のための時間があるでしょ。私はアメリカに帰る前に、あなたに感謝したいことは、たぶん知らないままになっているの危険にさらされているものです。あなたの静かな贅沢、あなたの 侘び寂びのために感謝したいと思います。 顔が笑う時のしわされたがしわです。目の後ろに好奇心です。あなたの声の立ち上がりと立ち下がりピッチですあなたの笑い声です。私はよく知っているあなた方の何人かもうあると、いくつかはよく知っていません。そしてもういくつかはその間に知っています。でも、みんなさんは、私たちの会えた時の中に、いつもそれら贈り物を共有してくれました。私たちが会ったので、本当にれしいですよ。